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Chapter: Peer and professional online support for parents

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The Internet provides a popular and convenient source of information and support on parenting, offering many opportunities for both peer and professional support. Recent studies have also shown that both parents and children can benefit from online parenting support.
In this chapter, we describe the current variety of online services for parents, distinguishing between peer support and professional support. Specifically we will focus on the design characteristics of these web-based resources. Since Internet technology is still rapidly developing, many new opportunities for social networking are available. The provision of multilayered interaction (many-to-many, one-tomany, one-to-one) and the use of multiple components in websites may enhance the way parents feel supported. Also, training can be added to online programs, which aims to change parental knowledge, behavior and attitude. Furthermore, we discuss experimental results from recent meta-analytic study on the effects of online parental education.
Providing an overview of the past decade, we discuss two major trends which give direction to future research and development: missing aspects of research on online social networking and  inspiring opportunities for online professional support for parents.

Christa Nieuwboer

Ruben Fukkink

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Summary Dissertation Online Parenting Support

Internet technology offers a lot of new opportunities for the dissemination of information, sharing of support and consultation of professionals. The research for this dissertation is situated in the full flow of rapid technological developments, which bring us not only new devices and easy access to resources, but which also urge the need for new skills, design guidelines and pose dilemmas for practitioners. Innovating professionals from multiple disciplines have begun to exploit the new opportunities for parenting support. The studies, presented in this dissertation, are meant to deepen our insights in the subject of online parenting support and investigate the feasibility to use single session email consultation to empower parents.


Nieuwboer, C. (2014). Online Parenting Support, Guiding parents towards empowerment through single session email consultation (Doctoral dissertation). University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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