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Online tools for youth professionals

Fontys School of Pedagogical Studies is starting a project to enable youth professionals in the Netherlands to access and refer to websites and apps on psycho-educational and social issues. Youth professionals play an important role in referring youth and families to e-health, m-health and online (self-)help opportunities. Students of Fontys are now indexing and describing all kinds of internet interventions. Available soon at www.dejeugdprofessional.info.

Training in online chat with youth and parents – Maak de klik

For Fontys University of Applied Sciences we* developed an online training called Maak de klik (Click and Connect) which aims to enable youth practitioners to help youth and parents with social, emotional or practical problems. Certified by Fontys Hogeschool Pedagogiek.

Read more (in Dutch).

* This training was developed in co-creation with Stichting Telehulpverlening Limburg.

Are you interested in this training, please contact me.