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Technology rules. Looking for small data in a big data world. #fightinequality blog

“Who has access to information?” During a recent workshop everybody gave an optimistic answer: everyone has access, if they want to. Don’t they? Exploring this a little bit further, I was astonished by the way we take our own perspective for granted. The next question: “Who decides on new policies” suddenly brought on uneasiness and worry.

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Blogpost for the Fight Inequality Week, 14-20 January 2017 #fightinequality

Why was my Dutch daughter in tears over #Brexit?

My daughter, who is 16, cried bitter tears over the Brexit-result. She loves Great Britain and has plans to study in England. She so much hoped migrants would not be bashed by this vote yet again. But most of all, she hurts because her trust in humanity is suffering badly. She witnesses the victory of the fast and negative sentiments over the slow and positive ones.

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Scoring on immigration – or making an effort for integration?

New: Center of Expertise Online Youthcare

As head of this new Center of Expertise I will instigate and coordinate research and education on online parenting support and online youthcare. The aim of the Center is to professionalize parenting and youth practitioners and equip them with knowledge and skills and enable them to use online tools in their daily practice.

Find out more: Fontys Expertiscentrum Online Jeugdzorg (in Dutch). Or Contact me to find out more about our international ambitions.

Dissertation Online Parenting Support

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Hyperlink will be available from July 2nd 2014 onwards.

Online Parenting Support_Dissertation_Christa Nieuwboer

Reference: Doctoral Dissertation

Nieuwboer, C.C. (2014). Online Parenting Support. Guiding parents towards empowerment through single session email consultation. Amsterdam: Universiteit van Amsterdam.