A pedagogical participatory method to social integration

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One of the most relevant topics for language learning for migrants is parenting. It is also a topic full of perspectives, feelings and choices. It is therefore uniquely fitting to develop a civic integration and language course using parenting as one of the main themes. Taking the most relevant themes and daily life as the starting point for social integration, and using creative didactic methods, IDEAL/Themis has shown increased levels of language acquisition and participation, even in participants with no formal learning experience.

Thursday March 31, 2016.

Participatory adult learning methods are well-known in developing countries, but they are lacking in the array of integration programmes in Europe. Most linguistic oriented courses are not
suitable for low educated and illiterate migrants without work, which leaves certain vulnerable groups deprived of adequate support for social integration. Such courses lead to course-blocking, frustration and low self esteem.

The pedagogical approach of IDEAL is fundamentally different from linguistic courses and has two imperatives: learning language that matters and exposing learners to different perspectives on topics that are highly relevant to them, such as health and parenting. The programme fosters change towards social integration and tolerance for diversity, which is feasible through sharing narratives and role modeling.

Evaluation shows that participants’ language acquisition and their participation level have improved after completing the programme.

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